Luka and the fire of life de Salman Rushdie

No había tenido el placer de leer algo de Salman Rushdie, me lo he perdido tanto tiempo pero ahora trataré de encontrar más libros de él para poder entrar en sus mundos. Salman Rushdie es un cuenta cuentos y hace que vueles por los cielos en una alfombra voladora hacia el mundo de la imaginación. Sí, él es pura imaginación.

Rushdie usa las palabras como deben de ser usadas, de una manera sencilla pero que te atrapan, y tienes que volver a repetir lo que acabas de leer por lo magnífico que se escucha. Lo magnífico que es.

Luka and the Fire of Life trata de un niño llamado Luka que debe entrar al mundo mágico creado por su padre para poder salvarlo de un profundo sueño que lo llevará a la muerte. Dentro de éste, deberá conseguir pasar los niveles y tomar el “fuego de la vida”. En su aventura lo acompaña su perro llamado oso y su oso llamado perro. Conocerá nuevas personas, saltará por lugares desconocidos, peleará con dioses y se probará a él mismo por el amor de su padre.


De nuevo, lo que subrayé:

An adventure of my very own.

He always was a dreamer, and now he’s gone and decided he prefers his dreams to me.

The world was not always what it seemed to be.

You have already achieve something extraordinary -by crossing the line, I mean- so perhaps you are capable of further extraordinary things.

Eliminate the impossible, and what remains, however improbable, is the truth.

I can’t see the future, and that feels right.

Life is a flame […] life burns.

It would be outrageous, and wonderful.

This blindness was different, though; it felt, well, absolute.

They were what there was before there were any words at all.

Maybe dying was always like this: an argument between death and life.

The gods in whom nobody believed any longer, except as stories that people once liked to tell. ‘They don’t have any power in the Real World anymore’.

And these supposed almighties are sort of sleepwalkers, or echoes of themselves.

No wonder she can’t see anyone Real. She has eyes only for herself.

The adventure is over. It’s time to go home.

I am exploiting their love and loyalty.

Nothing must deflect me from my chosen course.

He felt as is something more powerful than his own nature had taken control of him, some will stronger than his own that was refusing to accept the worst.

Their time is a prison, they are the jailers, and the seconds and minutes are its walls.

We know that when we fall in love, Time ceases to exist.

Knowledge is both a delight and an explosive minefield; both a liberation and a trap.

We want to be divine.

The winds of change are blowing.

There’s nothing ordinary about you.

Sometimes the stars start dancing, and then anything can happen.



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