My first train ride in India; the night I thought I was going to die.

First, you have to know that India is the only country I have been in where I had have a cultural shock. I felt completely overwhelmed with the differences and I was afraid of the country as a whole. Our first night there wasn’t really a jolly one, we were tired and found the cheapest and most horrible hostel I have ever seen/been (but at least it was cheap, REALLY CHEAP). Looking back, the things weren’t THAT bad but in our minds we created tragic stories of what was around us.

Anyway, I went to India on the first week of year 2012. It was winter and even though my sister told me to bring warm cloths because in the northern part of India it was going to be cold those days, I forgot and ended up just bringing one jacket. So, yes, it was cold and I -being used to hot weather- was suffering. Not so much in Delhi but when we arrived to the northern India I thought: “F***”.

We went to Amritsar to see the Golden Temple and also to see the border ceremony that the Indian soldiers do with the soldiers from Pakistan. That was the moment were I relaxed and I started feeling comfortable with India. That was the moment when I said “F*** it” and I started enjoying and till this day, India is one of the most amazing countries I have been and I want to go back. Even though, that night I had the worst night in the history of my travelings.

From there we took the train to Delhi, and just when we step on the train station we knew this was going to be a memorable adventure. (Adventure: I don’t really like to employ that word, it sounds like it is too much…) But whatever it was; It was MEMORABLE. The train station was a big empty room with no lights; it was dark and dusty and without seats to rest. The counter was close and little by little people were arriving. We didn’t know where to go next, where our train was going to stop so we could get in. We asked and nobody knew it. So we split, half stayed at the big room and the others went to the tracks. Finally, somebody told us where OUR train was going to depart and we went there and we waited a little more. Then, the train was approaching but wasn’t stopping, my sister said “it will stop” so we waited but it didn’t slow down and the Indians started to jump in while the train was still moving. So, we were like “Oh, Shit, we have to jump?” and we started to run with our big backpacks and our Thai hat moving around with us. We couldn’t go fast and we were nervously laughing and kind of freaking out. Suddenly, the train stop and a mass of Indians went to it and instead of opening the doors they just jump through the window. It looked like they were assaulting the train. We were scared to the level of shitting our pants by then. But it got worse. The doors opened and we entered in our wagon. It was dark, almost blind black, and with a tiny green light blinking. Oh, yes, we were scared. After three minutes -that felt like much more- the light was on and we could take our place. I got a tiny cot next to the window and tried to sleep. I couldn’t. This is where the cold weather and the part where I thought I was going to die comes. Yes, my windows didn’t work so every thirty seconds it opened and this FREEZING air came trough the window towards me settling in my brain and body like knifes. After one hour of that, I thought death was near me. Hunting me. And there I was, with a cold that my only jacket couldn’t save me, super tired but unable to sleep thanks to the shitty window and after sobbing, I seriously thought my sister and my cousins were going to wake up the next day and see my motionless body thinking how on earth they would carry my corpse back to Mexico. I truly believe that was the end, but of course it wasn’t. I survive a horrible night and now it is just a funny memory of India.

Hombre en el tren de India/ Man in the train in India
Hombre en el tren de India/ Man in the train in India

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  1. Erika Loredo dice:

    jajaj Hay Danny, muy dramático tu relato! jeejeje pero se aprende de todo, una experiencia más 🙂

    1. danielafeb dice:

      hahah ya varios me dijeron que fue mucho drama jajaj


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