Daechon; my weekend runaway.

Seoul is an amazing city, but sometimes it has so much movement that you can get tired of it. And I felt it 3 months after I moved there. I needed something different, go out from there and be with myself. So, a saturday I decided to visit a friend living in Suwon, eat there and after take a train to any place with beach and not too far. And Daechon was the chosen one. I couldn’t pronounced it properly and because of that I almost bought a train ticket to another city. I finally get the man at the window to understand me and I bought the cheapest ticket, this was a simple one with no seat. So I had to stand up all the way in a wagon full of koreans. If I wanted to sit down I could do it in the floor but only if you find enough room between the people foots, bags, kids and the -feared- “ajumas” (old korean ladies). After two hours, I arrived, and I had no idea of where to go next. I went out of the train station and saw three girls, so I asked them for directions (with the help of my english-korean dictionary). They told me which bus I had to take, it came and I jumped in. The passengers stared at me. I was not sure where I was going, what I was going to find and if going to Daechon was a good idea in the end. But at the same time I thought “It will be one just night”.

The bus driver told me where to go down, so I did it. I arrived to some streets with houses, some restaurants and nothing else. Nothing special. “Great”, I thought sarcastically. There weren’t tall buildings, big difference from Seoul, and no chaos. But, I had no idea of where to sleep either and soon it was going to be dark. For that weekend trip I had 50 dollars to spend and I couldn’t go for more than that, I thought it was going to be perfect, but when I started asking for a room in some motels I got scared. 40 dollars the night. Hell no! I said. I tried to make it less but they didn’t speak english and I didn’t speak korean so it was useless. I suddenly saw a place that look like a hostel and not a motel and I was happy. It was pretty, with a garden where there were picnic tables and friends having dinner. A young man came and I asked him if he knew english, he said that a little. I asked for a room and the price. He said it was full. (F***!) I said that if he could give me a little space in the kitchen or somewhere to sleep that could be fine for me. He laugh a little and said it wasn’t possible, but if I wanted I could have dinner with him and his friends. “Well, why not? At least I will save the dinner money” I thought and I accepted the invitation. And it was one of the BEST dinner I had in South Korea. It was crab and after you finish it you put in the shelter some white rice and this hold the flavor of the crab and it was DE-LI-CIOUS! We had some beer and after they order for some Chinese food. I keep eating, drinking and talking and I was having a great time.. Then my new friend told me that he was going to take me for a mini city tour. “Great!” I thought without sarcasm.

crab and rice

He took me to the beach, and we walked in the jetty where we could see some “mascots” and things like that. Daechon is famous because every summer a lot of people come to the MUD FESTIVAL, where you can see the mob all cover in mud (it is good for your skin) and they even do something like “mudsurf” which seems pretty awesome. It is the perfect excuse to have fun cover in mud, and you know, drink alcohol. I went in autumn, almost winter, so there was no mud festival for me and not even the thought of going for a swim since it was freezing.

We went back to the hostel and the young man said that his parents had a building with rooms they rented and there was one available if I wanted. I said yes, it was late, dark and I was tired. I also thought they weren’t going to charge me a lot. He took me and I slept in a private studio for the night. I found out next day that it was free. (Yeah, I am that lucky, and they were so nice also). I invited him the breakfast, I said thanks and goodbye. Time to go home. But before, I went for a while at the beach to take pictures, I bought a Kite and I played with it. After, I took the bus back to the part of the city where the train station was, bought my ticket and had to wait for a while, so I ate in a restaurant nearby. The menu was not in english so I pick something randomly, and I regretted after; cold noodles that you cut with scissors.

The train ride back to Seoul was longer (since I was not stopping in Suwon but straight to Seoul). So, It was a little more than two hours in an inhuman space, smelling the food of the others and seeing how a kid next to me made pee in a bottle.



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